(un) told pages is a pop-up bookshop and two week literature festival coming to Copenhagen in 2019. The bookshop and festival welcomes everyone to celebrate the work of BIPoC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) authors.

We want to create a space for books that represent and affirm the lived experiences of BIPoC, as well as acknowledge and foreground the incredible canon of work that has been created, and is still being created, by those writing from the margins.

Untold means boundless, immeasurable, something that cannot be expressed in words alone. These stories are not untold — they were never gone — they have always existed. It is visibility and space that has been lacking. Untelling is also a verb. Untelling dominant narratives is a way to resist and disrupt the whiteness that permeates literature. This project is a move towards telling a different story; our own stories.